About Us

Tusayan is in a very unusual position. Three of the town council members are employed directly or indirectly by the biggest non-government employer, Elling Halvorson, someone who doesn't even live here. Halvorson and his partner, Gruppo Percassi, own huge tracts of land in the community. We serve as a monitor to this unusual situation. When power is concentrated in this manner the public needs to closely monitor every action to make certain the town is operating in the best interests of the people who live here.

Pop culture is full of references of what can happen when one person with all of the money and power calls the shots. Just watch "It's a Wonderful Life" and look at the alternate reality of Pottersville or rent "Back to the Future II" and look at the alternate reality when Biff Tannen takes control of Hill Valley. In Tusayan, the alternate has become the reality. At least Biff and Mr. Potter lived in their respective communities.

We can't sit back and allow this to play out. That's why the Grand Canyon Watchdog is monitoring every zoning decision, every personnel hire, and every action the Town Council takes to make certain your interests are being considered.

Tusayan is the front door to the Grand Canyon and has a unique responsibility. Any development needs to be environmentally sound. Strip malls, factory outlets, and amusement parks should not be the destiny of this community. Affordable housing, shared power, and a thriving middle class should be our goals. Given the current state of affairs, achieving those goals will be an uphill battle.