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National Park Service Seeks Public Scoping Comments on the Expanded Non-native Aquatic Species Management Plan

November 16, 2017

 Page, AZ – The National Park Service (NPS) is seeking public input on an Expanded Non-native Aquatic Species Management Plan and Environmental Assessment (EA) in Grand Canyon National Park (GCNP) and Glen Canyon National Recreation Area (GCNRA) below the Glen Canyon Dam. Public scoping will be held for a 30-day period from November 15 to December 14.


Control measures for expanded non-native aquatic species are needed due to the increase of green sunfish, brown trout and the potential for other harmful non-native aquatic species that threaten downstream native and listed threatened and endangered aquatic species. These non-native species have become an increasing threat from changing conditions since the completion of the 2013 NPS Comprehensive Fish Management Plan (CFMP) and the 2016 Long-Term Experimental and Management Plan (LTEMP).


To assist the public in understanding the proposed action and providing comments, the NPS is hosting various meetings to present information on the plan. Those meetings include:


Public Webinar:

6 to 8 pmNovember 28
Call Line 888-946-2716, Passcode 5935870


Open Houses:

6 to 8:30 pmDecember 6

GCNRA Headquarters, 691 Scenic View Drive


6 to 8:30 pmDecember 7

Flagstaff Aquaplex, 1702 N. Fourth Street


The scoping open houses will include a presentation, and NPS staff will be available to answer questions. Comments will be particularly useful that address the proposed action, environmental issues that should be addressed, potential alternatives, and sources of data that should be considered.


The project summary and associated documents can be found online at:


Scoping serves as an opportunity to engage the public early in the planning process as the NPS develops the range of alternatives for the Environmental Assessment (EA). Once the EA is complete, the NPS will offer another public comment period.


Public scoping comments may be submitted electronically at: (preferred method). Written comments will be accepted at the public scoping open houses (computers or note cards will be available). Written comments may also be submitted to: ATTN: Kirk LaGory, Expanded Non-native Aquatic Species Management Plan, Argonne National Laboratory, 9700 South Cass Avenue—EVS/240, Argonne, Illinois 60439. Comments will not be accepted verbally or by fax, email, or in any way other than those specified above. Bulk comments in any format (hard copy or electronic) submitted on behalf of others will not be accepted. Public scoping comments should be submitted no later than December 14, 2017.