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News release: Grand Canyon South Rim in Level 3 Water Restrictions; NPS Urges Residents and Visitors to Use Water Mindfully

March 17, 2018

 Grand Canyon, AZ- The South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park has implemented Level 3 water restrictions following a series of breaks in the Transcanyon Waterline. The South Rim will remain in water restrictions until water in storage tanks reaches sustainable levels.

Under Level 3 restrictions, the following are in effect: laundry, showers, and the RV dump/fill station are not available at Camper Services and sinks in public and employee restrooms are turned off and hand sanitizer is supplied. Visitors and residents may experience additional water restrictions.

In addition to Level 3 restrictions, all Level 2 conservation measures remain in place. Under Level 2, all food services are using disposable plates and utensils and water is available in restaurants by request only. Visitors and residents are asked to shorten shower times, selectively flush the toilet, delay laundry and dishwashing, as appropriate, and to report drips, leaks, and other water loss to appropriate staff. Residents are also reminded that wasteful water use, including filling large-capacity water tanks, will not be tolerated.

In the inner canyon, drinking water is available at Phantom Ranch and Indian Garden.

The public can call 928-638-7688 for a recorded message with updates and additional information about current water restrictions at Grand Canyon's South Rim.