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Grand Canyon Chamber NPS News Release Fee Increases for CUA Holders

April 25, 2018


National Park Service News

Yesterday National Park Service announced their fee increase plan for road-based CUA holders that will go into effect on October 1, 2019,


The good news is our comments influenced their original proposal and instead of an over 600% increase we are left with a 150% increase per visitor and a 20% increase in application fees. 


Here's how it breaks out for Grand Canyon.


The visitor per person gate fee will become the same fee used for road-based CUA gate fees.  Given last week's announcement in visitor fee increases that means the new fee charged to road-based CUA holders will go from $8 to $20 effective October 1, 2019.  Per all of our comments National Park Service has given us the 18 months we asked for before the fee goes into effect.  (Please note these fees can not be applied to the individual's park pass nor can an individuals park pass/annual pass be apply to a CUA holders entrance fee.)


The current annual application is $250 this fee will increase to $300.  This fee will be the same across all parks.


You will also be required to submit your annual CUA reports after each operating season.


Note: There will be no additional per vehicle nor will there be a fee based on annual gross sales as originally proposed.


Here is the link to the updated Commercial Use Authorization page.


Laura Chastain

General Manager