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News Release: Stina Fire … What Happens Next?

August 21, 2018

 Fredonia, Ariz., Aug. 21, 2018 - Firefighters and fire managers continue working to contain the Stina Fire, burning since July 26, 2018.  As fire suppression activities wind down, crews have begun the task of cleaning up after all their hard work. The task of mitigating the impact of the fight to stop the fire is referred to as “suppression repair”. 

 Suppression repair encompasses many tasks. Crews will chip and spread or scatter slash left along firelines and roads and drop damaged trees that may pose a hazard to visitors.  All equipment and supplies brought into the area will be “back-hauled” or collected and removed.  Roads will be graded and water diversion features will be added to road, trails, dozer and hand lines, etc. to provide drainage and minimize erosion.  Dozer and hand lines, staging areas, safety zones, and heli-spots constructed for the fire will be naturally contoured and covered with slash or seeded where necessary to reduce soil erosion. This does not include rehabilitating or repairing areas impacted by the fire.

“The goal of suppression repair is to return the areas disturbed by the firefighting effort to as natural a state as possible,” explained Resource Advisor Garry Domis. 



108 personnel including 2 Hot Shot Crews, 1 Type 2 Crew, and 5 Engines


Stina Overview:

Start date: July 26, 2018                                                           Size: 2,750 acres

Strategy: Full containment                                                        Containment: 50%

Location: The Stina Fire is 23 miles southwest of Jacob Lake and about 2 miles east of Fire Point on the North Kaibab Ranger District of the Kaibab National Forest.


Situational Update: Resources continue to work on all sides of the Stina Fire. Chipping on the north side of the fire has been completed. Operational pace has shifted from suppression to clean up. On the north and east flanks, crews are concentrating on mop-up and fire suppression repair.  Where the fire is in contact with the fireline, crews are cold trailing, carefully inspecting and feeling for heat, along the fire’s edge and extinguishing any hot spots that remain adjacent to the line.


Closures: A closure is in effect for Forest Roads 223 (going to Fire Point), 268, 206, 271, 609, 250 road south of the 250/294 junction, a portion of the 239 and all Rainbow Rim trails and scenic viewpoints south of Locust Point. The trail between Locust Point and Parissawampitts Point will remain open for forest visitors. The closure order will remain in place until it is considered safe to enter the area.


For fire information on the Kaibab National Forest, and Inciweb under the name of the fire at or visit us on Facebook and Twitter @KaibabNF or call (928) 635-8311 for recorded fire information