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September 18, 2018

 Fredonia, Ariz., Sept. 18, 2018 — For Immediate Release. Effective immediately, fire officials are re-implementing an area closure for the Cat Fire for both public safety and the safety of firefighting personnel working in the area. Once it is determined safe to do so, the order will be rescinded by the Kaibab National Forest Supervisor. 


Area, road and trail closure description are as follows:


Area.  The Restricted Area is depicted on the attached map, and includes the boundary roads and trails described as beginning at the junction of Forest Road (FR) 610 and the Arizona Trail #101, then north to the junction with the Arizona Trail #101 and North Canyon Trail #4, then proceeding east on the North Canyon Trail #4 to FR 631 continuing to FR 8910 Junction. Then south on the FR8910 to South Canyon #6/ Nankoweap Trail #57, then going west on the South Canyon #6/Nankoweap Trail #57 to FR610 continuing west on FR610 to the Junction of FR 610 and the Arizona Trail #101.


Trails. All trails described above and depicted on the map attached as Exhibit A and within the Restricted Area, and the Point Imperial Trail (NPS Trail) from the National Forest boundary to FR 610; along the North Canyon Trail #4; along the South Canyon Trail #6; and along the Nankoweap Trail #57.


Roads. All Forest Roads described above and depicted on the map attached as Exhibit A, which are identified as the area perimeter; the area within the perimeter boundary is closed.


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Kaibab National Forest Fire Information Phone Line (928) 635-8311.