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News Release: Grand Canyon National Park Suppressing Three Fires on North Rim

July 29, 2019

 Grand Canyon, AZ - Recent monsoonal activity in the region resulted in several new lightning ignited fires on the North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park over the past several days. Fire crews are actively working to suppress three fires within Grand Canyon National Park. 

The Lindbergh Fire near Lindbergh Hill is being directly suppressed. Approximately 2 acres in size, current fire behavior is creeping and smoldering within mixed conifer. Fire crews are working to contain the fire at the smallest possible size by digging handline around the fire's perimeter.
Fire crews have contained the Lancelot Fire, near Lancelot Point. It is currently estimated to be .25 acres and smoldering and creeping in ponderosa pine forest. 
The Shinumo Fire, located north of the Shinumo Amphitheater, has also been contained at .10 acres. 
The Ikes Fire was detected on July 25th and is located 3 miles east of Swamp Point. It is approximately 1.5 acres in size and burning in mixed conifer with a grass understory. Fire managers plan to confine and contain the Ikes Fire to a defined planning area while providing for point protection of identified sensitive natural and cultural resources.
The Dutton Fire was also detected on July 25th and is located on the northeastern edge of the Powell Plateau. It is burning in ponderosa pine and brush. Fire managers plan to monitor the Dutton Fire.   
At this time there are no road closures. However individuals driving out to Swamp or Fire Point should be aware of fire crews working in the vicinity. Motorists should turn on their headlights and slow down for emergency response vehicles.
Grand Canyon National Park is receiving interagency support from local resources from the North one Interagency Fire Management Organization.
Each fire start is evaluated by fire management officials for the most appropriate management strategy. Firefighter safety, resources at risk, location of the fire, available resources, regional and national preparedness levels, and weather forecast are taken into consideration when responding to a wildfire ignition.
Please visit for additional information about wildland fire at Grand Canyon National Park. To learn more about current fires in the region and across the country, visit