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News Release: Ikes Fire Promotes Healthy Forest Regeneration as Fire Activity Increases

August 7, 2019

 Grand Canyon, AZ - The Ikes Fire moved into the northeast portion of the planning area that has a history of little to no fire activity in over two decades. This wildfire is consuming heavy fuel accumulations on the forest floor and is helping ensure the ecosystem will be healthier and more resilient in the future.


The lightning-caused fire is being allowed to fulfill its natural role in a fire-dependent ecosystem within a defined planning area of 8,000 acres on the Kaibab Plateau. The fire is being utilized to achieve a variety of resource objectives including reducing hazardous fuels, promoting forest regeneration, improving wildlife habitat, and restoring more open forest understory with grasses and forbs. The fire is approximately 77 acres.


Grand Canyon National Park has temporarily instituted closures for the portion of the Ikes

Fire Planning Area that is within Grand Canyon National Park. These closures were put in place during the early planning phases in order to provide a safe environment for both the public and firefighters working in the area. The following areas are closed on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon:

  • Powell Plateau Trail; North Bass Trail; Fire Point; Swamp Point; W4 road starting at the intersection of W4 and W1, heading north.

This closure will remain in effect until further notice. Other roads and trails in the planning

area may be temporarily closed to allow firefighters to conduct operations.


Grand Canyon National Park is receiving interagency support from three Type Two Initial Attack Handcrews and local resources from the Kaibab National Forest and Grand Canyon National Park. Other resources assigned to the fire include four engines, one medic team, one ambulance, one water tender, safety officer, and fire effects monitors. Approximately 100 personnel are assigned to the Ikes Fire.


The Ikes Fire poses no danger to structures or local infrastructure.


Please visit for

additional information about wildland fire at Grand Canyon National Park or call 928-638-7819

for recorded fire information. For additional information about the Ikes fire, visit