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Grand Canyon Returns to Normal Water Operations

September 3, 2019

 news release

Grand Canyon, AZ- Park staff repaired the damaged pipeline that supplies water to the North and South Rims of Grand Canyon National Park and water services have been restored to facilities. The park has removed water restrictions and has resumed basic water conservation measures.

 Water services are restored at inner canyon facilities and drinking water is available at the filling stations. Trail users should always carry a method to treat water when hiking below the rim. Visit  for more hiking tips


A break in a section of pipeline along the North Kaibab trail, north of Phantom Ranch, was identified on Aug. 29, resulting in limited water services and water conservation measures over the holiday weekend. 


Grand Canyon National Park always operates under water conservation measures, encouraging all residents, visitors, and businesses to mindfully use water and adopt basic water conservation practices. 

The National Park Service would like to thank its partners, staff, residents, and visitors for conserving water during this time and for their continued water conservation efforts.