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News Release: Kaibab National Forest invites comments on potential increase in special uses

June 15, 2020

 WILLIAMS, Ariz., June 12, 2020 The Kaibab National Forest is inviting comments through June 29 on potential increases in special uses and the number of outfitters and guides permitted to operate on the forest.

 While a specific proposal is not yet being put forward, forest officials are seeking input on any new uses in which members of the public may have interest as well as potential new outfitter and guide operators. In conjunction with seeking public input, the Kaibab National Forest is conducting a capacity analysis and needs assessment to determine the potential impacts of increased use on forest resources.

Based on the public input received as well as the results of the ongoing analysis and assessment, the Kaibab National Forest may consider a forestwide environmental analysis focusing on an increased number of permits issued to outfitters and guides. In addition to identifying the possible needs for outfitter and guide operations, forest managers are considering specific actions to more effectively manage uses in areas that are experiencing a high degree of visitation.

Outfitters and guides are commercial operations that plan trips, provide equipment needed for outdoor activities, and offer varying degrees of logistical support. Current outfitters and guides on the Kaibab National Forest offer services for hunting, rock climbing, hiking, horseback riding, motorized tours and mountain bike tours.

New outfitter and guide operations that have been proposed include outfitted dispersed camping and outfitted luxury camping. Possible changes in order to better manage areas experiencing high use could include limits on allotted outfitter and guide service days.

Outfitters and guides have been operating on the Kaibab National Forest for the last 50 years. All such operations on National Forest System lands require permits. The permit process assures that specific guidelines are in place for all activities permitted. This allows the forest and private entities to agree on terms for operation using an approved operating plan.

The Kaibab National Forest invites public comment on a potential increase in special uses. If a proposed action is developed, it will be considered in an environmental assessment, and a formal public comment period will be offered. Please submit written comments by June 29 using FAX at 928-635-5680, via mail sent to 742 S. Clover Rd, Williams, AZ 86046, or by email at As more information on the project becomes available, it will be posted at For questions, contact Clair Loucks at or phone at 928-635-8365.


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