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News releae: Additional Water Conservation Measures Instituted on the North Rim due to Water Pump Failure

September 22, 2020

 Grand Canyon, AZ- Effective immediately, the National Park Service (NPS) is initiating additional water conservation measures on the North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park to ensure that the area's facilities can remain open until a replacement water pump can be repaired at the Roaring Spring Pumphouse.

Under water conservation measures, park staff and partners have been able to conserve water by adopting low water-use methods to clean hotel rooms and practicing basic water conservation measures. Portable toilets have been installed in place of public flush toilet facilities. Individuals can play an important role in water conservation by limiting showers to five minutes or less, turning the faucet off while shaving or brushing teeth, selectively flushing the toilet, washing laundry with full loads, and reporting leaks to appropriate offices.

To further conserve water, the North Rim Campground will remain closed for the duration of the season through October 15, 2020. Visitors who have existing reservations at the campground will be notified via email.

Until the water pump is repaired and water in storage tanks reaches sustainable levels, the North Rim will remain in conservation mode. The NPS will continue to monitor water tank levels on the North Rim and may need to close additional facilities in an effort to further conserve water.

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