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News Release:Imma Barrera Named Next Grand Canyon Astronomer in Residence

March 28, 2022

Grand Canyon, Ariz.—Grand Canyon Conservancy (GCC) and Grand Canyon National Park are
proud to announce the selection of the next Grand Canyon Astronomer in Residence, biologist,
landscape and nature photographer, and conservationist Imma Barrera. She will live and work at the
South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park, with visits to the North Rim and Tuweep, from April 28 to
May 23, 2022.

Barrera’s current project, “Under the Night Sky,” involves raising awareness about the
importance of protecting the night sky by presenting different features of select National Parks in the
format of a published book, combining photography and nature education and illustrating the efforts
these parks have undertaken as part of their mission to preserve the environment. Barrera’s goal is to
capture those inspiring landscapes under the night sky.

“I consider Grand Canyon Conservancy’s Astronomer in Residence program at Grand Canyon
National Park as an important addition to my project, an excellent opportunity to contribute to
protecting our natural resources and to share the beauty of the park at night with all visitors including
the surrounding communities,” said Barrera.

Born in Barcelona, Barrera is based in New Jersey. She is a biologist and a graduate of the New
York Institute of Photography who has exhibited her photographs in galleries worldwide. Her favorite
subject to photograph is landscapes from dusk to dawn, including astrophotography. Barrera has been
selected for several National Parks Artist in Residence programs (Acadia National Park, Capitol Reef
National Park, and Glacier National Park) for her night sky photography. In addition, she was shortlisted
in the Landscape category of the 2019 Sony World Photography Awards/Professional Competition with
her series “Under the Night Sky.” One of her night photographs was selected by the International Dark
Sky Association (IDA) to represent the One Big Sky fundraising campaign and as cover for their 2020
calendar. Barrera also runs educational programs about photography and seminars to raise awareness
about the need to protect our natural treasures.

“As a biologist, photographer, and conservationist, I feel uniquely positioned to capture the
world that surrounds us and to use my images to educate others as to why preserving these
ecosystems is critical for the health of our planet. My mission is to showcase the wonders of the night
sky in our light-saturated world and inspire others to help preserve darkness and the night
environment,” said Barrera.

The Grand Canyon Astronomer in Residence program, launched in the summer of 2021, offers
professional and amateur astronomers, educators, scientists, writers, and artists the opportunity to
practice and share their discipline under one of the most pristine night skies in the United States.
During her time at Grand Canyon National Park, Barrera will host several workshops and discussions for
visitors to the park.

“As an International Dark Sky Park, Grand Canyon is the perfect location to host an Astronomer
in Residence program,” said Theresa McMullan, GCC Chief Executive Officer. “Thanks to a grant from the Flinn Foundation, the insights learned during the residencies will be beneficial to our
understanding of the skies above and will provide unique educational experiences for our visitors and  the local Grand Canyon community.”

Grand Canyon National Park Superintendent Ed Keable echoed McMullan’s sentiments, adding,
“The night skies at Grand Canyon are unparalleled and I am looking forward to engaging with the
astronomers who will be spending time at the park. I marvel at the night skies and often ask our staff to provide additional information to me about the wonders of our star-scape.”

The program is modeled after the Artist in Residence program popular in parks across the
country. The park hosts a chosen applicant on-site for a short-term residency; the resident, in turn,
completes projects in their discipline through direct experience of the park’s resources and engages in public programming.
To learn more, or to apply to be a Grand Canyon Astronomer in Residence, visit

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