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Grand Canyon News Release-Grand Canyon lifts water conservation measures

August 3, 2022

Grand Canyon, Ariz. – Grand Canyon National Park lifted its mandatory water conservation measures when water storage on the South Rim reached an acceptable level, Aug. 1.

Water conservation measures are generally prudent in conserving our water resources at any given time, such as watering lawns/plants only as needed, washing cars infrequently; filling the sink with water while washing dishes; reporting drips, leaks, or other water loss to appropriate offices; turning off water while not in immediate use for shaving and teeth brushing; running dishwashers or washing machines with only full loads (and in eco mode if available), and taking shorter showers.

Currently, the water at Mile-and-a-Half and Three-Mile rest houses will remain off until crews are able to repair the damaged pipe above the rest house at Mile-and-a-Half. For the most up-to-date information, please consult the Critical Backcountry Updates page.

Day hikers and backpackers should always be prepared to carry drinking water or be able to filter or treat creek water for drinking purposes.

The National Park Service encourages all hikers to be prepared and to Hike Smart. More information is available on the park website at