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News Release: Kaibab firefighters resume pile burning across the forest

January 4, 2023

Williams, AZ, January 4, 2023 - With recent winter storms providing extensive snow cover across much of the Kaibab National Forest, firefighters are taking advantage of prime conditions to reduce hazardous fuels on the landscape. Over the coming weeks, Forest Service firefighters will ignite piles of thinned trees and brush in several locations on both the North and South zones of the Kaibab.

On the South Zone, firefighters are planning to focus on the Parks West area near Spitz Hill this week, before shifting to the Saddle piles adjacent to Parks – a total of 1,000 acres of piles resulting from mechanical thinning work completed last year. In the Williams area, firefighters will look to burn 3,000 acres of machine piles near Bill Williams Mountain, Dogtown Reservoir, and Clover Road. Residents and visitors may see and smell smoke, but impacts are expected to be minimal.

On the North Zone, firefighters will be looking to burn about 931 acres of machine piles east of Jacob Lake along Arizona 89A. Depending on weather conditions, these ignitions could take place anytime in the next two weeks. There may be periodic light smoke impacts to the highway.

If you’re planning to visit the forest, please avoid areas where firefighters are actively burning piles. Watch for signs advising of prescribed fire activity and drive with extra caution when firefighters are working nearby.

Thinning and pile burning is a low-risk means of reducing the buildup of hazardous fuels in the forest. Mechanized equipment and hand logging techniques are used to cut and pile brush, saplings, and small trees. When fuel and weather conditions permit safe burning, firefighters will then ignite the piles.

All prescribed burning is subject to approval by the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality. For more information or to review prescribed burn authorizations, visit

Additional fire information for the Kaibab National Forest can be obtained through the following sources:

Fire Information Recorded Hotline: 928-635-8311


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