Community News

Playground Numbers Adding Up

August 24, 2012

The numbers are looking better for a Tusayan community park.  Everyone is chipping in. The town is committing to $275,000. The school district is kicking in $40,000. Red Feather Lodge has contributed $25,000.  Stilo kicked in $50,000. The Sanitary District contributed $25,000 and APS is donating lights and poles.  

The sports court will still be the first priority. A Ramada and a tot lot or playground will have to wait.  However the dollars do guarantee that work can begin in earnest.

At one point Councilman Craig Sanderson floated the idea of a more modest tot lot that could be built sooner than later, but that idea was rejected in favor of keeping the timetable as is. The Best Western Squires is going to donate $25,000 to help with playground equipment for the tot lot.

At an August Town Council meeting, Councilman Reuter said, “Everyone can’t have everything they want but we can work together hand in hand.”

He also cautioned that any major changes should require Town Council approval.

Other donors include Coconino County which will kick in $5,000 and the Rotary Club which will contribute $10,000 for a Ramada.

Tusayan resident Andrew Aldaz has been spearheading the effort and has managed to get all factions in Tusayan to pull together for this worthwhile cause. Aldaz is also seeking additional private donations.