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Council Approves Contracts for Prosecutor and Employee housing

October 2, 2012

Tusayan's Town Council has agreed to hire a prosecutor to put away alleged bad guys. J. Andrew Jolley has been hired at a rate of $110 an hour to handle criminal misdemeanor cases that used to be handled by the Coconino County Attorney's Office. Additional legal work done by Jolley's legal staff will be billed at $50 an hour. Once the Town gets a feel for how much prosecution services will be needed, it's expected the town and Jolley will work out a yearly flat fee.

The Town has also agreed to shell out $37,000 to prep the site for employee housing. The site prep involves leveling some land at the airport for two units. The units are expected to cost more than $350,000. One unit has four bedrooms, the other has three.

These are new expenses arising from the incorporation vote. Neither contract would have necessary had the Town not incorporated.