Community News

Uranium Mining Concerns, New P and Z Commissioner, Community College Update

March 10, 2013

By Mike Scerbo

The Tusayan Town Council, which has in the past opposed uranium mining near the Grand Canyon, is asking the state of Arizona for an extension of the comment period for a planned uranium mine. The mine would be located on state land, near Indian Route 18.

At its March 6th meeting, the Tusayan Town Council interviewed Janet Rosener to fill a space on the Planning and Zoning Commission. Before she worked at the National Geographic Visitors Center, she worked for Mayor Greg Bryan at the Squire Inn. She has lived in Tusayan for 12 years.

The town Council also got an update on what the Coconino Community College is doing for the area noting that 51% of the firefighters in Coconino County and 43% of law enforcement have taken classes at CCC. Still, the council would like to see more involvement with Tusayan. Councilman John Rueter wondered why some classes can’t be held within the town as opposed to the Grand Canyon High School. He said, “We need to find a place here, not in the park.”

The Town Council approved an intergovernmental agreement that spends up to $38,000 for a used ladder truck. The Tusayan Fire District needs the truck in order to handle fires involving buildings three stories or more. With the addition of the truck, fire insurance rates are expected to go down.

The council also gave its blessing to a series of community development block grant requests that include $200,000 for a flood study, $250,000 for internet expansion, and $250,000 to help weatherize rental units for low income residents.