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News Release: “Echoes from the Canyon” Grand Canyon History Comes to Life with Special Programs

July 17, 2014

Grand Canyon, Ariz -- Grand Canyon National Park would like to invite the public to the 3rd season of our living history event, “Echoes from the Canyon”. The event will take place over three Saturdays in place of our nightly Evening Program at McKee Amphitheater this summer.

Visitors can watch historical figures from Grand Canyon’s past come to life with stories about their families, adventures, discoveries, and efforts to survive in this remote location on the following Saturdays; July 26th at 8:30 p.m.; August 9th and 30th at 8:00 p.m.

American Indian tribes inhabited the landscape in and around Grand Canyon for thousands of years before the first explorers arrived 145 years ago. After the first explorers saw the majesty of the canyon, word spread, and people have been coming to see it for themselves ever since. Some of those first explorers stayed to mine the canyon and reap its rewards, while others documented its beauty. Entrepreneurs soon learned that it was easier to mine the pockets of tourists than the canyon, and soon, a few realized that even this rugged environment needed protecting from ourselves.
Join us as park rangers get into costume and become nine influential characters from Grand Canyon’s past. “It has been great fun putting on this production for the public. The rangers work hard to bring a little bit of fun into learning the canyon’s history.” Erin Whittaker the show’s director said, “We hope you can attend one of these special nights and hear their stories.”

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