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More Growth on Sitgreaves Complex

August 18, 2014

WILLIAMS, Ariz. – Yesterday crews reported active fire behavior in the south and southwest areas near Bald Mountain. This fire behavior was the result of growth from the heat and embers that remained during periods of higher moisture. Due to this resumed activity, crews conducted approximately 90 acres of managed ignitions along FSR 74 to help protect cultural sites within the planning area.

 Today crews will continue to monitor the fire perimeter and prepare for possible fire growth along FSR 796 otherwise known as the ‘northern pipeline’. “Having fire in the entire 19,644 acre planning area is not a goal” said Incident Commander, Mario Orozco. “Rather, we monitor fire activity each day to see if it remains active and moving. If we see that natural growth and activity, then sometimes managed ignitions are necessary for resource protection or to achieve management objectives.”  Preparation work over the next several days will include protecting range fences, archeological sites, and other values.


Smoke impacts are expected to be minimal for the next several days. For more information on smoke and air quality please visit or


Date/Time Reported: Sunday July 13th, 2014

Location: 5 miles north, northwest of Parks, Ariz.

Cause: Lightning

Size: 11,063 acres

Landscape/Fuels: Ponderosa Pine

Fire Behavior: Majority Low to Moderate Intensity