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Grand Canyon Lifts Drinking Water Advisory for North Kaibab Trail: All Park Water is Safe for Consumption

November 2, 2014

Grand Canyon, AZ – The National Park Service is lifting a drinking water advisory that was issued on Friday, October 31st for the following areas along the North Kaibab Trail, Manzanita Rest Area (Roaring Springs) and Cottonwood Campground within the backcountry at Grand Canyon National Park.  Water in the rest of the park including South Rim Village, Desert View, Indian Garden, Phantom Ranch and North Rim Developed Area continues to be safe to drink. 

 Potable water at Grand Canyon is treated at multiple locations before being distributed for consumption. Grand Canyon treats all potable water beyond State of Arizona and EPA standards for public consumption.

 The advisory is being lifted after additional tests returned negative for fecal indicators (E. coli). The National Park Service and Arizona Department of Environmental Quality are confident there is no public health concern. A copy of the all clear notice is available at