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Wolf-like Animal Being Monitored North of Grand Canyon

November 2, 2014

PHOENIX – A collared, wolf-like canid has repeatedly been observed and photographed on U.S. Forest Service land, just north of Grand Canyon National Park.  Wildlife officials are working to confirm whether the animal is a wolf or wolf-dog hybrid. Until more is known about this animal, visitors to the area are cautioned that this may be a wolf from the northern Rocky Mountain population and fully protected under the Endangered Species Act. 

Our immediate concern is the welfare of this animal.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is evaluating next steps to confirm whether or not it is a wolf, and if so, its origin.  Based on photographs, it does not appear to be a Mexican wolf and its collar is similar to those used in the northern Rocky Mountain wolf recovery effort.  Feces will be collected for DNA analysis to determine if the animal is a wolf or a wolf-dog hybrid.