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News Release: Seasonal summer jobs: Kaibab National Forest hiring window opens soon

December 21, 2015

 Seasonal summer jobs: Kaibab National Forest hiring window opens soon

Fredonia, Ariz., Dec. 16, 2015 — For Immediate Release. It’s that time of year again; time to dust off and update the resume in preparation for the USDA Forest Service annual hiring of qualified applicants for 2016 temporary seasonal spring and summer positions. These seasonal job opportunities may include positions in wildland firefighting as well as other challenging and rewarding fields like recreation, range, engineering, archaeology, timber and visitor services.
At nearly 1.6 million acres in size, the Kaibab National Forest is a large area of land to care for with plenty of job opportunities to offer during the spring and summer months.
Please note that most vacancies will only be open for seven days. Applicants should refer to the positions listed in the table below for open/close dates. Specific duty location contacts are identified by each district, and multiple positions may be offered at each duty location. Interested applicants should contact duty locations for additional information regarding vacancies.
Applicants must apply through USAJobs prior to the deadline and are encouraged to apply for multiple locations if interested. This is the first and most important step to working for the USDA Forest Service. After creating an account, the process will enable applicants to apply for future positions, follow up after applying, and streamline the overall process for future applications an individual may submit.
Kaibab National Forest timeline:
ï‚  Positions open on Jan. 5, 2016
ï‚  Positions close at various times (as shown in table below)
ï‚  Selections will likely be made in March 2016
ï‚  Applicants will likely be notified by April 2016
ï‚  Forest Service representatives will notify selected applicants by email or phone
ï‚  Applicants not selected will be notified by e-mail
ï‚  Reporting dates will be negotiated by the supervisor, and selected applicants will be contacted by Human Resource Management with confirmation
To apply online, applicants should follow these steps:
ï‚· Step 1: Create a USAJobs account
ï‚· Step 2: Know the announcement number of the position to which you are applying
ï‚· Step 3: Apply online
ï‚· Step 4: Upload documents
ï‚· Step 5: Complete USFS Core Eligibility Questions
ï‚· Step 6: Select any GS grade, series, or location preferences
ï‚· Step 7: Complete Minimum Qualifications
ï‚· Step 8: Complete Assessment Questions
ï‚· Step 9: Review and submit your application
ï‚· Step 10: Follow up by calling your potential future supervisor
ï‚· Call 877-372-7248 option 2 for more help with USAJobs
For more information about USDA Forest Service Southwestern Region summer jobs, please visit