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Fuller Fure Update July 25

July 25, 2016

Fire: Fuller Fire                                              Completion: 66%

Acres: 14,385                                                 Start Date: June 29, 2016                                                

Cause: Lightning                                            Location: Point Imperial, N. Rim Grand Canyon NP

Total Personnel: 290                                      Fuels/Topography: Timber, grass, rugged terrain


We are used to measuring success in managing a wildfire with percentage of containment, which is a measure of fire control actions. While containment is certainly one of the long-term goals for the Fuller Fire, there are other objectives such as firefighter and public safety, protecting homes and infrastructure, and minimizing impact on endangered species and archeological sites. You will notice at the top of this update that we have completed 66% of those objectives while the fire itself is 20% contained.  Incident managers were very pleased to open the Point Imperial and Cape Royal Roads yesterday, along with Cape Royal Trail, Cape Final Trail, and Cliff Springs Trail. This achieves the objective of “Promote quality visitor experience by providing sound information and educational opportunities associated with the natural role of fire in the ecosystem”.  Visitors, who drove through the area where the fire had burned, were met by Information Officers and Park Interpreters located at the viewpoint parking lots. This is a great opportunity to learn about wildfire’s role in our ecosystem.


Today, fire crews will continue to improve contingency firelines and assist with responding to any new fire starts within the Grand Canyon National Park and Kaibab National Forest North Zone area.  Within the Saddle Mountain Wilderness area, the western and northern sections of the fire are expecting an increase in fire activity as predicted conditions dry out over the next few days. Yesterday rain fell over some portions of fire.


Smoke: Southwest winds will push any smoke produced to the northeast. For more information on smoke and your health visit:


Open: Highway 67; North Rim Visitor Center, Lodge and Campground; Point Imperial and Cape Royal Roads; Cape Royal Trail; Cape Final Trail; Cliff Springs Trail; and FSR 22 and Rainbow Rim Trail on the Kaibab National Forest.


Closures:  These closures are in place until further notice.  All USFS areas east of Highway 67 and south of Tater Ridge Rd (FSR 213) and east of House Rock Valley Rd (FSR 8910).  Trails: Arizona Trail: Lindberg Hill north to the Park boundary; Ken Patrick Trail: starting at the Uncle Jim Trail junction; Point Imperial Trail; Nankoweap Trail; Saddle Mountain Trail; and South Canyon Trail. Road closures include: Fuller Canyon Road; FSR 610; and FSR 611.


Please Note, the map dated July 24 is still correct as the fire perimeter has not changed. 


Fire Information:


Text Message: text “follow GrandCanyonNPS” to 40404



Fire Information Center: 844-684-5411; Recorded Information: 928-638-7688