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APS Electrical Safety Presentation

April 27, 2017

 Wednesday, May 3rd


Meet at Tusayan Fire Department [Powerpoint Presentation],

We will then proceed to the Red Feather parking lot for the main demonstration.


Electricity is the second leading cause of death in construction.         

30,000 non-fatal shocks occur each year.                                                         [Bureau of Labor Statistics]


This training opportunity is geared for residents, engineering/maintenance department employees, and firefighters.  APS has a trailer set up with electrical equipment to show the incredible power of electricity and its hazards.  This is information that is crucial for anybody.  People that have already participated in this training predominantly say it’s made enough of an impression that they’ve changed their working approach to electricity. 

All residents and employees from the Tusayan, Grand Canyon, Valle area are invited!  Please spread the word with anybody who works in an engineering/maintenance department.   The program lasts approximately 90 minutes.

Please RSVP with Greg Brush at Tusayan Fire Department [but this is not mandatory to attend].

928.638.3473  [Mon-Thu]


Tusayan Fire Department would like to thank Kevin Hartigan and the Arizona Public Service for providing this training, as well as the Red Feather Lodge for hosting the presentation.