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Message From Grand Canyon School District

May 22, 2017

 Dear Parents,


On Thursday, May 25th, Bright Angel Bikes is sponsoring the Grand Canyon Bike Rodeo.  This event is for students in grade 3-5.  Students will learn about bike safety, how to properly wear a helmet, have a bike inspection and ride a course where they can practice using turn signals.  NPS Rangers will also be there to help.


Students are allowed to ride their bikes and bring their helmets to school.  They will be parking them on the upper field in a designated area for their class.  If your child rides the bus, they may not bring their bike on it.   If parents would like to drive them to  and from school and bring their child’s bike and helmet, that would be fine.


Students who do not have a bike, Bright Angel will have bikes available and the school will provide helmets for use.  Students who do not know how to ride a bike, they may partner up with a buddy and still be a part of the event.


We are so grateful for this opportunity to partner up with Bright Angel Bikes and NPS.  Thank you for helping our students learn about bike safety!



Lori Rommel

Assistant Principal