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Tusayan Sports Park May Get Sidelined

June 21, 2017

Tusayan Town Councilman Al Montoya is not pleased with a tentative Town budget which sets aside $4 million to create infrastructure for affordable housing and $5 million to create ball fields, a track and a baseball diamond at the Town Park.

The affording housing project at 10X would serve 20 families now and as many as 70 families in the future. The park would serve the entire town and all children attending school in the area.

Montoya opined about the problem when it was discovered the Town and the School District were still working out the details of liability and access. The park is a joint project between the Town and the Grand Canyon School District. The school owns the land and the town is paying for the facilities.

Montoya said, “This leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth with this trepidation and who is liable for what, I personally think that $5 million would be better spent on the infrastructure for the housing that is coming up.”

The District previously signed an intergovernmental agreement. When it was discovered some key provisions were missing both sides decided to rewrite an agreement.

The Park already has a sports court, a tot lot, and restrooms. Additional plans call for a football/ soccer field, a baseball diamond and a track.

Some student athletes at the Grand Canyon School District were recently invited to a meet in Australia because of the outstanding performance this past season.