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Boundary Fire Update

June 23, 2017

 Smoke from the Boundary Fire is expected to start gathering in Flagstaff during the evening of the 23rd. This smoke is anticipated to remain overnight below an inversion.Morning time is expected to be the worst time of day for Air Quality. This should change by mid-morning when the inversion breaks. The majority of the day should air quality ratings of Moderate to Unhealthy For Sensitive Groups (USG) dependingon the time of day. A rating of Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups is forecast for most of the region for Saturday the 24th. Additional smoke from the Brian Head Fire in Utah is expected to compound the effects of the Boundary Fire, with impacts reaching as far south as Verde Valley and Cottonwood. The Boundary Fire is not expected to impact communities north of Doney Park, however the other fires are expected to. Moderate AQI forecasts for these communities are based on limited information. Conditions for Sunday and Monday currently look better than Saturday for favorable smoke transport from the Boundary Fire. Transportation- Use caution when traveling near fire locations. ?US 180, US 89 and Interstate 40 are all likely to experience smoke inthe morning, evening and at night.