Stilo Stumbles And Throws Halvorson Under The Bus

November 19, 2013

By Mike Scerbo

Stilo is having a hard time finding someone not on its payroll to speak in favor of its development project. Case and point is the November 13th meeting.

There were plenty of people speaking out against the proposal, and Stilo reps Andy Jacobs and Sandy Agnat were hard pressed to find someone to speak on their behalf.

They seemed to have struck gold when a woman told her Stilo story. She told the council about how her husband was fired and the employer kicked them out of company-owned housing just a few days before Christmas and how they were rescued by Stilo's Andy and Sandy. They found the family a place to live in a Stilo trailer at Camper Village (a good deed no matter the motive).

It's a compelling tale until we learned that the heartless employer who canned the woman's husband and tossed the family was none other than Elling Halvorson owned Papillion Helicopters. Halvorson just happens to be Stilo's business partner in the controversial development agreement.

Assuming Halvorson knows his Stilo partners have made him out to be Scrooge, he can't be all that happy. If he didn't know about the Stilo betrayal, he does now.