Los Angeles Times Covers Stilo Debacle

July 13, 2014

Stilo’s controversial plan to add three million square feet of commercial space and thousands of new homes to Tusayan could destroy the environment in and around the Grand Canyon. Those are the assertions made by experts who spoke to the Los Angeles Times in a July 6th article entitled National Park Service calls development plans a threat to Grand Canyon. In which the national parks Service describes as “One of the most serious threats to the park in its 95 year history.”

In the article David Uberuaga, Superintendent of the Grand Canyon National Park weighs in on the lack of water in the area and the threat from the Stilo project. Here’s a portion of that story:

“But the plans do not say where the water will come from. With Arizona suffering through its worst drought in 110 years of records, the park service says there isn't enough water to sustain both wildlife and the new development.

‘That kind of water just isn't around there,’ said Uberuaga. Yet the city continues ‘to pursue a full build-out and full development at whatever pace the developer wants."

The article also points out that Stilo strongman Tom DePaolo, despite previous statements to the Tusayan Town Council acknowledging the problems with using groundwater, is still not ruling out using groundwater. Here’s another portion of that article.

“Still, he has not relinquished his leverage with the park: the possibility of tapping the aquifer. ‘Why do we want to preclude an option that is available to us when we don't have to?’ he said.”

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