Why Bob Blasi Matters

May 11, 2011

Tusayan Town Council Member Bob Blasi has always stood out from the rest of the council. Whether it’s his choice of ties or his need to be heard, he’s a hard one to miss. My guess is that council meetings would be much shorter without Blasi occupying a seat on the Council.

He is also unique in another aspect, he is not employed by Elling Halvorson or his partners, nor does he have a financial relationship with them. You may recall, three of the Town Council members are employed by Halvorson. A fourth rents her business property from him.

Blasi’s name is also missing on the list of people who received ‘win bonuses’ from Stilo after incorporation. For those of you who need a reminder here is a link to Tusayan’s ‘list of shame.”

While Halvorson and his allies lent financial support to Blasi’s campaign, they may now be regretting that decision.
Whether it’s blowing a gasket over the fact that the current Administration blew it on this year’s deadline for a law enforcement contract, or taking a congressman to task for not reaching out prior to a town hall, Blasi has shown a willingness to rock the boat and challenge Mayor Greg Byran on occasion. He can do so without fear of losing his job or his lease.

We’re not saying we agree with everything Blasi says or does, far from it. But it is refreshing to see a diversity of opinion on the Town Council. It also makes covering the Town Council meetings far more interesting.