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The Garden Party: Tusayan And Stilo Tag Team The Feds And You Are Paying For It

November 17, 2017

 For months Tusayan has been waging a legal battle with the U.S. Forest Service spending thousands in legal fees. Thanks to a recent public records request, we now know that the Town of Tusayan has been working closely with Italian developer Stilo in this legal battle.

The Garden Law Firm, based in Washington DC was billing Tusayan $375 an hour to contest a decision by the Forest Service to return an application that would have provided the town and Stilo access to a Forest Service road to the Kotzin property.

If that access were granted Stilo would have been able to move ahead on a massive development plan with the potential to make millions of dollars. After receiving tens of thousands of messages in opposition to that access, the Forest Service returned the application.

That hasn’t stopped Tusayan from pressing the feds. The Town has been reaching out members of congress and the Interior Department.

Records show Stilo not only benefits from Tusayan’s legal spending, it has also had a seat at the table as the legal effort moves forward. During the spring Stilo participated in three conference calls with the Tusayan and the Garden Law Firm. The firm also reviewed Stilo’s comments on a water issue.

Here is a link to those documents

Given the fact that Stilo is a massive multi-million dollar entity, why would the residents of Tusayan be footing legal bills to further Stilo’s interests?