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Norm Hanna out as Chamber Director

October 11, 2011

Norm Hanna is out as  Executive Director of the Grand Canyon Chamber and Visitors Bureau. The Chamber is not saying why it and Hanna have parted ways.

When the Town of Tusayan targeted the Chamber over a small campfire set during a 3rd of July celebration, Hanna did not raise much of a fuss other than to ask that the Council overlook any possible infraction. The Fire District, also implicated by the Town, took a more agressive approach and dressed down the Town for its fruitless fire infraction fiasco.

No one on or off the record would say if Hanna's handling of the crisis was related to his departure.

Chamber President Mike Rock isn't yet commenting on the situation, nor is he saying if Hanna resigned or was dismissed.

Hanna has been seen attending recent council meetings fueling speculation that he may have found a new job in town. Stay Tuned!