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Update: Recall Depends on Potential Candidates stepping Forward

October 21, 2011

After several false starts, three members of the Tusayan Town Council will likely face a recall election. On October 12, Housing Committee member and longtime resident Bill Fitzgerald will for the second time file petition signatures seeking to boot Vice Mayor Cecily Maniaci, Mayor Greg Bryan, and Councilman Al Montoya. However because Fitzgerald was appointed to the Town Council October 19th to replace Bob Blasi, he will not be a candidate in the recall. Fitzgerald has told us the fate of the recall depends on whether other candidates step forward.
Fitzgerald was previously given incorrect information about the number of signatures to submit. rather than risk a court battle, Fitzgerald went back to the streets and got a next round of signatures and then handed in his paperwork October 12th.
The initiative against Bryan states, “Bryan went on a trip, paid for by the developer, to Italy and didn’t report it on his financial disclosure statement. Bryan’s campaign finance report shows no one living in Tusayan, besides Bryan himself, contributed to his campaign.”
The initiative against Maniaci states, “Maniaci is not a resident of Tusayan by her own admission. She and her husband own an $882,000 home in Paradise Valley. She is the Chief Executive Officer of a Business called Grand Tracs Inc. that lists its home in Paradise Valley according to what she told the Arizona Corporation Commission.”
The initiative against Montoya goes into detail about the hidden bonus fiasco which was bankrolled by Stilo, “Montoya received and failed to disclose an $8,500 ‘win bonus’ for himself and another $21,000 to others in the incorporation vote of March 2010.”
The election is expected to happen in March, depending on whether candidates apply to run against any of the incumbants. Any candidate would have to file paperwork at least 60 days before an election.