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Tusayan Says No Thanks To Gun Control Resolution

December 26, 2017

 The Tusayan Town Council decided not to pass a resolution endorsing a statewide ban on ‘bump stocks’ that some argue have the effect of transforming some firearms into automatic weapons.

The City of Tucson is asking cities and towns across Arizona to endorse this resolution in response to the Las Vegas shooting.

Mayor Craig Sanderson in introducing this idea said, “My personal take on automatic weapons is I don’t see a place for it. I absolutely protect the right for gun ownership and I wouldn’t want any changes to that. I understand that the argument is give em an inch and they’ll take a foot.”

The Mayor added, “With that said I am not for taking away any gun ownership but I don’t see the advantage of bump stocks. To me I would certainly consider a resolution of some sort supporting that.”

The Town Council shot down the idea. Councilmember John Schoppmann said, “You are getting misinformation from people with ulterior motives. The bump stock didn’t kill anybody. The gun didn’t kill anybody. The gentleman that pulled the trigger was the one that killed those people.”

He called the issue a waste of the council’s time.

Councilmember Al Montoya echoed those sentiments, “There are already laws in place that effect automatic weapons and the ownership of automatic weapons. There are already laws in place about converting those into automatic weapons. The bump stocks don’t classify as an automatic weapon. If they did then it would be outlawed.”

The vote to reject the resolution was unanimous.