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Resident Deputy Is Coming To Tusayan

January 16, 2018

 The Coconino County Sheriff’s Office expects to have a resident deputy in Tusayan within the next three months. Chief Deputy Bret Axlund delivered the news to the Tusayan Town Council January 10th

He said the County listed the Tusayan position independently and he says at least eight people are interested in the job. One of those interested in the job is someone already training to be a deputy.

Axlund said, “We do need to make sure we fill this position with the right person, someone who knows the community and fits in, and knows what his job is here.” 

Axlund says it’s possible Tusayan could have two resident deputies if the applicants meet the qualifications. 

Until a resident deputy is hired, Deputy Alexandria McArthur will patrol Tusayan.

Meanwhile, the Sheriff’s office has released crime stats for Tusayan.

From January 2017 to November 2017, 23 people were charged with drug offenses. 43 people were charged with license and insurance violations. There were 16 traffic violation charges. Property crime charges totaled nine.

Lt. Brian Tozer said crime remains relatively low considering the large numbers of tourists passing through. He said, “You have a very safe town but it’s not like any other community, there are going to be some problems.”