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Town Council Briefs

January 17, 2018

 Bringing broadband service to Tusayan remains elusive. Town manager Eric Duthie says the town has been in discussions on the merits of wireless service but there is no consensus. Tusayan continues to work with the Grand Canyon School District to apply for grants that could help pay for the effort. There is no word yet on the costs of putting fiber into the existing conduits. One councilmember remarked that a tourist told him Kenya has better internet service compared to Tusayan.

The Town intends to break ground for the infrastructure for the 10X housing project sometime in March.
Engineer plans for water and wastewater have been submitted to the state. Meanwhile Councilman Al Montoya would like to town to research land trades with the Forest Service in order to seek more land for affordable housing.

Tusayan is finalizing applications for Community Development Block Grant Funding. Town Clerk Bruce Northern says improvements to the Town Park stand the best chance of funding. The town is also considering seeking funds for a snow play area. Both projects would be gear towards residents not tourists.