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Council Seeks To Improve Communication

January 25, 2018

The Town Manager and the Mayor promised to do a better job of communicating with members of the Town Council. The issue came up during a tense exchange at the January 18th Council Retreat which was held in Laughlin, Nevada.

Councilman Al Montoya raised the issue and said he has been frustrated with the state of communications. “You become uninformed and you can’t make good decisions. You start to assume things and you are going down a path that isn’t very productive.” 

The other members of the council agreed. Councilman John Schoppmann said, “I am tired of being sidelined by the Town Manager.”

As Mayor Craig Sanderson and Town Manager Eric Duthie looked for solutions, the council rejected the concept of resuming twice monthly meetings. Instead they settled on a plan to have Duthie send the Town Council weekly updates.

The group did agree that the current administration is doing a better job compared to former Mayor Greg Bryant.

Duthie said Tusayan does present unique challenges. “You are controlled heavily by the doings of two federal agencies that control almost every aspect of your life. It is a whole different ballgame compared to other communities that have their own lands and properties. We have to deal with every federal bureaucrat there is.”