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Tusayan Braces For a Possible Government Shutdown But Mayor Believes Arizona Will Step In To Open Grand Canyon

February 8, 2018

Tusayan Mayor Craig Sanderson says in the event of a government shutdown he believes the State of Arizona will put up the necessary funds to ensure the Grand Canyon National Park remains open.

Sanderson says the possible closure of the Grand Canyon impacts the entire state. The Mayor said he would hope the Town would take action if needed in the event of a closure but is is hopeful the  State of Arizona would be first in line to provide the finances needed to keep the park open. He said the governor was willing to write a check to keep the park open the last time.  "We want to make make sure the offer still stands," said Sanderson. 

The Grand Canyon National Park is not yet making a formal statement but will do so in the event of a 'lapse of appropriations."