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Building Permit Process Under Scrutiny

February 12, 2018

The Tusayan Town Council is worried that the current building permitting process is too costly and too strict. The Town has no formal building code. It has relied on a private contractor, Wildan and Associates, to oversee the process. A recent personnel change at Wildan has led to some complaints from builders. Mayor Craig Sanderson said, “We’ve had some concerns for quite some time that the current process to get permits is stymieing the community. In my personal opinion, I think that the current climate that we have in the ability to put in a request for a permit, to get inspections, to get the process completed, and to have a finished product in our town is costly (in terms of getting the project done).”

Councilman John Schoppmann said a friend told him it took three months to set a mobile home that had already been built. At least one contractor attending the meeting agreed with the Council.

The Council plans to have a meeting with Wildan to resolve the issues.