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John Schoppmann Decides To Remain On The Town Council

April 18, 2018

 John Schoppmann withdrew his resignation and will remain on the Tusayan Town Council. He announced his withdrawal at the April 11th Town Council meeting. Schoppmann said, “My resignation was not handled in the most appropriate manner. I wish to continue my term as a Town Council member.” The council unanimously tabled the resignation which means Schoppmann will remain. 

Councilman David Chavez said, “This is one of the most stressful and hard things I have ever done. I appreciate how challenging this is….I welcome John back. He is a valuable member of our community."
Schoppmann originally resigned citing a ‘widening gap’ between himself, the town staff and a  member of the Council. Here is the text of his now recinded resignation letter:

Please consider this my formal resignation from the Tusayan Town Council effective March 7th, 2018. I appreciate the learning and growth opportunities that this position has given me, but the widening gap between myself and members of the staff, as well as a member of the council has prompted this decision. 


 John Schoppmann