Local News


November 1, 2011

The opposition continues to mount against Stilo’s plans to add as much as 3 million square feet of retail and hospitality space and as many as 8,000 residents. This rightly has the people who already live here concerned and they have consistently spoken out against the plan.

Stilo, not wanting to be outdone by real residents with real concerns has been relying on their bench. Two of the people who spoke in favor of the Stilo plan during a recent Town Council meeting are part of that select group of people who collected win bonuses from the backers of incorporation following the incorporation vote. Pam Parsons and her husband collected $2,000 each and Charles Townsend also collected $2,000.
Here is a link to those who collected the win bonuses. In addition to Parsons and Townsend, you may recall Councilman Al Montoya also collected $8,500 following the incorporation vote.
Stilo got their money's worth from Parsons and Townsend as they opined about housing and urged the Town Council to approve the Stilo land use plan, even though real housing under the plan is four years away, and only 40 acres would be set aside for affordable housing.
Meanwhile, the Sierra Club renewed it's opposition to the Stilo Land use plan along with the Havasupai Tribe. Ironically, Stilo is touting the fact that they plan to build a Native American Cultural Center. The Havasupai's haven't said much about the cultural center, but they have consistently spoken out against the Stilo plan which they say would harm the landscape. Earlier a Tribal Council Member told Tusayan Town Hall , the landscape is fine the way it is.