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Quality Internet Still On Tusayan’s To Do List

April 17, 2018

 Tusayan Mayor Craig Sanderson is not giving up on attempts to get high speed internet to Tusayan even though progress has been slow going. After consulting with the town attorney Sanderson said it is legal for the town to subsidize residential WiFi service. Sanderson would like to set up free limited WiFi for the entire town with upgrades available for a fee. Sanderson admits he doesn’t know how much such an undertaking would cost but the Town Manager is soliciting bids. Town Manager Eric Duthie says the town has been contacted by at least three WiFi providers.

Vice Mayor Becky Wirth is somewhat skeptical. She said before any of these plans can happen, there needs to be a way to get a good signal to Tusayan. Wirth said, “I am all for it. You are putting the cart before the horse.”

Sanderson insists a high speed signal is already in town. Wirth replied, “We been trying to do this for two years. Let’s quit talking about it and just do it, then we can talk about subsidizing it.”