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The Recall Election Election is On

November 29, 2011

March 13th is the day set aside to determine if Mayor Greg Bryan, Vice Mayor Cecily Maniaci, and Councilman Al Montoya should be removed from office.

The effort was led by councilman Bill Fitzgerald prior to his appointment on the council. Anyone wanting to replace Bryan, Maniaci, or Montoya can file nominating petitions between December 14th and January 12th.  

Fitzgerald can't run because he is now on the council. Therefore it's up to the public to come up with alternatives to three elected officials who have direct and indirect financial ties to the backers of the Stilo land use plan which continues to generate opposition.

Mayor Bryan is not happy the recall is going forward and he feels Fitzgerald should have scrapped the recall once he was appointed to the council. he scolded Fitzgerald during a recent town Council meeting

Fitzgerald said he considered cancelling the election because no candidates have stepped forward, but he was advised by the Town not to cancel the election, "On the advice of the Town Attorney and the Town Clerk, they said it was probably best to leave them open leave them active so that we would have an election in March."