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Mayor Bryan Tries to Silence Critic

November 29, 2011

By Mike Scerbo

You get to hear from Mayor Greg Bryan in many ways. He leads the Council meetings. He has regular columns in the newspaper, yet somehow Mayor Bryan doesn't think Councilman Bill Fitzgerald has that same right.

Fitzgerald recently spoke his mind in an article published by the Grand Canyon News. As always Fitzgerald was diplomatic, informed, and polite has he outlined his concerns about the Silo Land use plan.

Mayor Greg Bryan, who is employed by Stilo partner Elling Halvorson, isn't too happy about that. At a recent Town Council meeting he scolded Fitzgerald for not calling off the recall election and for Fitzgerald's thoughts on the Stilo proposal. The Mayor thinks the council should speak with one voice, preferably his.

The Mayor stated, "It gives me some concern with regard to trust and ability to rely upon statements..It is of concern to me. When a council member commits to something."

Bryan is claiming the Fitzgerald agreed to holster his opinions when he applied for a seat on the council.

Fitzgerald says he never promised to betray his views and he says he will continue to speak his mind, "I voted no to the relevant items (in the Stilo Plan) and you can't except me to say, yea I agree I'm not going to say anymore."

Fitzgerald added,"The President of the United States can't tell me what I can or can't say. " And Fitzgerald says neither can the Mayor of Tusayan,"He wants everyone to agree and once a motion is passed still not disagree. I just can't turn off my feelings after one vote. What I said is what I have been expressing for the past few years and I still feel that way."