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Tusayan Considers Getting Into The Water Business

June 21, 2018

 The Town of Tusayan is thinking about becoming a water service provider. The Town Council met behind closed doors June 13 to discuss the idea of purchasing Hydro Resources. It’s not a new idea, the Town has for years set aside a multi million dollar line item in the budget in case it ever decided to take the plunge.

Such a purchase could provide Hydro’s owner, Elling Halvorson, a financial windfall. Halvorson who employs Tusayan’s Mayor and the majority of the Town Council wants to sell the company. He could make a tidy profit and get out from under the infrastructure costs associated with owning a water company.

It could also help Stilo fast track its controversial development plans. That’s because a privately owned water company has to answer to the Corporation Commission when determining if there are adequate water supplies for new development. Municipally owned water companies have more autonomy.

Tusayan Mayor Craig Sanderson wants the town to study the idea of buying Hydro because he has concerns about the company being sold to outside interests, “We would like to make sure that with something as precious as our water we have say so in where it’s going.”

Sanderson adds, “This is an aging system and it’s going to need some money put into it.”