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Meet Tusayan Council Candidate Brady Harris

July 18, 2018

 Council candidate Brady Harris responded to a candidate survey sent to all candidates running for Mayor and Council.

Your full name: Brady C Harris

Your occupation: Tour Guide/Ramp Serviceman

Your employer: Self Employed/United Airlines-LAS

How long have you lived in Tusayan?

3.5 Years

Why did you decide to run for office?

The simple answer: I want to see some changes happen and town goals accomplished. I have been a resident for over three years now and have seen little accomplished in the terms of water rights and conservation, affordable housing, planning and zoning initiatives, building permit processes, highway development, and quality Internet service. I would like to seek more long-term solutions for our community, and some of the excess expenditures trimmed. I know I am not the only one frustrated over the current state of the town. We live in an incredible place, one of a kind even, and our community faces no shortage of challenges. If we keep a vision of the future that balances progress with preservation, then the Town of Tusayan will endure into the future.


If elected what would be your top three priorities?

1.      Quality Internet: I know this has been an issue taken up by most candidates, and it’s a no brainer; Quality Internet service is crucial to evolve into a modern community that can cater to over 6 million guests every year. There have been several initiatives taken throughout the years, but most have been temporary band aids that have proven ineffective. DSL, cell service, and Microwave technologies are all inferior to a fiber optic service. Quality internet service should remain a top priority for the council to improve the quality of service from the community.


2.      Water Conservation: One of the issues facing the community is water. Where and how we get this finite resource is crucial to the survival of this community. I would like to see a public initiative grow to where the town, businesses, and residents showcase our ability to conserve water. Currently public restrooms and landscaping use reclaimed water, but the conservation of fresh water is lacking. We have five hotels, a motel, a multitude of businesses, and over 500 residents. There is a growing need for fresh water as Tusayan expands, and conservation should be part of the equation. New R&D in commercial low flow faucets and toilets have enabled a product that is durable enabling conservation without reducing quality of service. Water is incredibly expensive here in the Tusayan, and a conservation effort would decrease those bills dramatically. Water conservation is a Win-Win, more money in your pocket and more water for our community.


3.      Town Identity: I would like to see our sense of community strengthen, and a sense of identity develop. We are the gateway community to the canyon, and this needs to be expanded upon.


a.      Planning and Zoning: Dark skies, appearance standards, town ordinances need to be implemented and updated. Allowing development should reflect a need to preserve and scrutinize a businesses impact on the community and environment.

b.     Affordable housing: you cannot have a strong community without a stable base of housing for your community. Besides the business owners, all the residents living and working here in town will have to leave eventually. I find this disheartening. Despite the controversy regarding 10X and Kotzin, quality and affordable housing is essential to a strong and lasting community. I look forward to the groundbreaking of 10X this month but would like to see housing opportunities for all who have given to this beautiful town.



Do you think that Tusayan should buy Hydro Resources and operate a municipal water system?

I think a town should control their own water supply. Allowing a private enterprise to control one of the most finite resources we have here is disconcerting and reckless. We thank the enterprising individuals who paved the way and laid the foundations of this community, but the town is evolving and should be able to control its own destiny. We should also work towards making those systems more robust and investigate alternative options for obtaining water.

As the 10X and Kotzin properties present some challenges, should the Town of Tusayan investigate other properties to accommodate the need for affordable housing?

The town should always be looking for alternatives to create quality affordable housing. The properties of 10X and Kotzin have challenges facing development, and if an opportunity presents itself, the town should pursue it.



Do you believe Stilo has lived up to the promises it has made to the Town?

Overall, I think they have. They have provided a chunk of land to the town for use of affordable housing that will eventually be owned by a private resident. No other businesses in the area has granted such a gift to the town. Housing in this town is a commodity that has allowed business owners to hold immense power over their employees. If you want to live here in Tusayan you must do as your employer bids; if you don’t comply, its not just your job you lose, you also lose your home.

Do you feel Stilo’s proposed development plan will benefit the community or harm it? Please feel free to elaborate.


I think the development plan as it was first conceived was flawed. It was too vast, too commercial, and did not reflect the needs of the canyon or the residents here in Tusayan. I support commercial development, but it needs to reflect the values of the community. Most of the business owners in Tusayan have aspired to create grand developments but have eventually tempered their designs and found their role in the community. Whether some folks like it or not, Stilo is part of this landscape. They own land here and despite various setbacks in development, they will eventually find their place alongside the other business owners as leaders and examples in the community. Positive or not, time will tell.