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Town Council Update

July 18, 2018

 The Town of Tusayan has approved a $21 million  tentative budget. The numbers are greatly inflated to accommodate a number of possible projects including buying and operating a water company.

Town Manager Eric Duthie said, “The reality is our average expenditures in the past three years were just over $2 million a year and are revenues during each of those years was $5 million to $7 million.” 

In fact, Tusayan has over $7 million in unspent revenues collected over past budget years.

Tusayan is taking over floodplain administration duties from the county. Tusayan town officials say Coconino County just wasn’t making the town’s needs a priority. The Town Council has been pursuing this since 2016. Members voted to move forward July 11th.

Red Feather Properties Manager Clarinda Vail worries a takeover by the Town could increase flood insurance rates.  Vail says the county did have Tusayan floodplain projects on the top of the list, but that changed when the Town passed a resolution two years ago to take over floodplain duties.

A formal vote on the floodplain takeover is set for July 20th.