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Who gets Those Prized Affordable Housing Slots?

July 18, 2018

 The Town of Tusayan has set some ground rules over who is eligible to get in line for “affordable housing.” If you have lived and worked in Tusayan for five years you are in tier one which means first in line. 

Tier two was originally set aside for those who have lived AND worked in Tusayan for two years but the Town Council acting as the Housing Authority opened eligibility to include people who have worked in Tusayan for two years and either lived in town or lived in employee assigned housing elsewhere, such as Valle or Williams.

Mayor Craig Sanderson wanted to include nonresidents because, “We were leaving out long term workers who could not get housing in Tusayan.”

The Town Council also plans to spend eight million dollars to create infrastructure for the affordable housing project at 10X. Initial plans are to start with ten homes..