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Mayor Bryan's Italian Vacation with Stilo Honcho Tom DePaolo

December 22, 2011

by Mike Scerbo

For months the Town of Tusayan has heard that Mayor Greg Bryan and other influential members of the community were flown to Italy as guests of Stilo and its partners. These vacations apparently happened before any of these folks were elected to the council. Not much has been said about these trips and they might have faded into the sunset had someone not grabbed some photos off Facebook.
These photos apparently show Mayor Bryan, Vice Mayor Cecily Maniaci, Clayann Cook, and John Dillon out and about with Stilo honcho Tom DePaolo. It's possible that somone sent me altered photos but they look like Italy to me. It’s encouraging to note that while the working stiffs of this community were being asked to vote yes on incorporation, the influential members of the community were flown to Italy for a little “La Dolce Vita.”
We asked Mayor Bryan about this trip. He claims he reported it on his Financial Disclosure Statement which concluded in December 2009. Here is a transcript of my interview: 
MS: Trips to Italy. Have you received any, gone on any trips to Italy as a guest of Stilo or its partnerships, or its associates?
GB: I’m Sorry
MS: Have you gone on any trips to Italy as a guest of Stilo or any of its business partners?
GB: That’s been answered before and it’s been stated and publicly recorded. No comment
MS: No comment?
GB: I have already put forth in my statements and filings that I did take a trip.
MS: Oh, on the financial disclosure statements?
GB: I certainly did and you know that very well
MS: Ok would that be from the December 2009?
GB: That’s correct
We looked over the Mayor’s financial Disclosure statements for the calendar years 2009 and 2010 and could not find this trip listed as a gift or in any way reported on his financial disclosure statements. Here is a link.
To give the Mayor the benefit of the doubt we have a public records request seeking any records about a trip to Italy involving any council members. This could  also apply to Vice Mayor Maniaci as well because she is also in the photos.
UPDATE: On January 12 the Town responded to our request. Bryan did disclosre the trip in a financial disclose statement which was filed on April 25th 2011, more than a year and a half after the trip had taken place and long after voters elected him. Here is a link to the document. There is still no record of Maniaci reporting the gift, but our public records request is pending. We'll keep you posted.
If this sounds familiar it should be. Remember last year when word of the win bonuses surfaced. That's when influential members of this community were paid thousands following the incorporation vote. Those folks include Councilman John Reuter, former City Clerk Pam Parsons, and  Al  Montoya. Montoya’s payday was huge. He collected $8,000.
Here is a link to those who collected the win bonuses. You’ll find what when it comes to defending Stilo and its land use plans, these folks tend to be the biggest supporters. Look at the pictures of those who went on the Italian vacation and you will notice the same thing.
You have to give credit to Stilo. They spent the right money on the right people. They spent money on people who would endorse a land use plan that would devastate the environment, and potentially dry up springs that feed the Grand Canyon and the Havasupai Tribe. The recipients of the Stilo cash then went out and convinced the working stiffs of the community to vote yes on incorporation and yes on Stilo's slate of council candidates.