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Tusayan’s Affordable Housing Project Is Starting Small

August 15, 2018

 Because of limits set by Stilo, flood plain issues, and lack of utilities Tusayan’s affordable housing project is off to a small start. The Town Council has asked its contractor, the Premier Building Group, to work on a site plan for the first 20 houses at Ten-X.

Per the deed restrictions, developer Stilo won’t permit any more housing units until other projects are approved.

On August 8th the Town Council authorized a layout that would encompass seven micro homes (less than 1000 square feet) and 13 three and four bedroom homes ranging in size from 1200 to 1900 square feet. Some of those homes would be two story. They would be equipped with wood stoves, CNG heating, and wood stoves. All of the homes are “off grid” which means power would come from solar power and generators and the site would have its own water and waste water systems.

Councilmember Al Montoya pushed for building more micro homes up front. Montoya said, “You’re going to have to have a majority of micros because we are trying to get people making minimum wage into a home.”

Townhomes would come in later phases. The entire project could accommodate more than 50 units if Stilo allows that to happen.

Surveyors are expected on site this week and some tree removal is possible.